Harry Potter-Inspired Family Tree Design


Calling all Harry Potter fans! Show off you family’s magical genealogy with a personalized family tree to look like House of Black tapestry as seen in the film Order of the Phoenix.

Entwined in the beautiful oaks branches are members of your family, all carefully hand-illustrated in scalable vector art. By using vector images we can resize your image to any size without losing image quality. Perfect for large scale projects like tapestries.

Based on your genealogical research, we can create a magical family tree as unique as your family. Just provide us the research and photos and we can do the rest.

Your family tree may include:

  • Birth name of spouse
  • pets and special items
  • Date of birth and death
  • Portrait drawing or scroll with name of ancestor
  • Family crest
  • Your home or town background (in an inset frame)

Please note that you can use any language you want for your family tree instead of Latin as shown above.

A perfect gift for a Christmas, wedding, anniversary or birthday present.
Looking for something really unique for a family member’s special day? You can’t go wrong with a custom family tree. It will be the hit of the party!

Details of hand illustrated art below:


Please see our “How To Order” page and after you have read this you can then send us your genealogy research and the digital photos so that we can give you an estimate on your family tree illustration. We will contact you with an estimate within 2 days. Once you have seen the estimate and decide to proceed with the order, we will require a $50 non-refundable deposit to start work. You can make a secure payment with the link below.

Your Deposit